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In Loving Memory

A message to my beloved kitties that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge:

Having had the honor of loving you, I cherish the time that we had together. You have all touched my life in a way that can never be forgotten. I miss you all with every part of my being and I know the day will come when I can hold you in my arms again. Until then my sweet babies, I love you and please come see me in my dreams.

Note: Several of these kitties did not actually belong to me, but I loved them like they were my own. I've been so blessed to know so many amazing felines.

My sweet angel Darius. He loved sleeping in the sun. He was my heart kitty. We lost him in 2011 and I still miss him so much.

Darius has the most incredible green eyes. He was just a stunning silver boy.

Cakes was our stunning F3 Savannah. She was my perfect little wild cat. <3

Cakes had the most amazing eyes. I could swear she was looking into my soul.

Our sweet Aspen lived to be sixteen years old. We had him since the day he was born. He was the sweetest and cutest old man!

Kilimanjaro was not our kitty, but we loved him like our own. A breathtaking F1 Savannah, Kili belonged to our dear friend Melissa. I was blessed to be his personal photographer. We lost him at the age of 3 and half to lymphoma. He's missed by so many.

One of my favorite images of the majestic Kilimanjaro.

Sweet Mauser also belonged to our dear friend Melissa. Again, we loved him like our own. We met him when he was just a kitten! He passed in 2020 due to kidney failure.

Beautiful Eva was an F2 Savannah who also belonged to our dear friend Melissa. Eva and Kilimanjaro were true soulmates. Eva died of a broken heart after Kili passed away. There is honestly no other way to describe her passing. She just couldn't stop grieving her boy and they are together now.

Beautiful Mochi and all of those amazing toes! This boy belonged to my dear friend Jacqui, but the moment I met him, he captured my heart. He was a dream to photograph and just an amazingly sweet boy.

Beautiful Sir Patrick McSpots was an F5 Savannah. He was also my sweet Cakes' Daddy! He belonged to our dear friend Jeanne and, again, our love for him was profound. We miss Patrick so much.

Macintosh, aka Mac, was one of the biggest boys ever! A gorgeous F4 silver Savannah, Mac was loved by everyone who had the honor to know him. Mac was also the brother to our boy, Caspian. Mac belonged to our dear friend Jeanne and is missed more than words can ever say.

Sandy Spots was our first early generation Savannah. She was an F2 and one of the sweetest girls I've ever known. She taught us so many lessons about love and knowing when to let go. We lost her to cancer in 2008.

We adopted Powder Paws from Fieldhaven. She had been at the shelter for over a year. I fell in love with her and she was one of the sweetest kitty souls I've ever known. She's deeply missed.

Trouble belonged to my dear friend Debby was an extraordinary F2 Savannah. He was also named the World's Tallest Cat! He's missed and loved by so many.

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