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Hi there! Thanks for visiting my website! My name is Tammie and I am passionate about photography and cats. I've been a volunteer photographer at Fieldhaven Feline Center in Lincoln, California since 2008. Throughout my years photographing cats there, I've truly developed my skills and have embraced my own style when taking photos of felines. Honestly, there's nothing that makes me feel better or gives me more purpose than taking photos of cats and knowing that my images will help them find their forever homes! I think it's so important that shelter animals have photos that help capture their personality. I love to help out whenever and wherever I can. If you are a rescue and need photos, please feel free to reach out to me and I will do my best to assist you.

When I'm not taking photos or working my "real" job, I enjoy day trips to the ocean, writing, working on my vintage 84' Mazda RX7, listening to Taylor Swift and watching ID TV. I reside in Northern California with my partner, Andrea, and our five felines: Caspian, Meisha, Kobe, Kaia and Oliver Paxton.

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